About Us

The Pacific Regional Centre for Healthy Aging

The Pacific Regional Centre for Healthy Aging (PRCHA) is a network in British Columbia that promotes healthy aging by working with the public and the health care community.

The PRCHA uses the AVOID Frailty framework, a strategy developed by the Canadian Frailty Network [link to the AVOID frailty program]. AVOID stands for Activity, Vaccination, Optimize medication, Interaction, and Diet.

The network offers healthy aging assessments, peer coaching (older adults helping other older adults),  webinars, a listing of local community services, and other programs for older adults, care partners, peers, health care professionals, and researchers.

The PRCHA promotes social prescribing, where health care providers connect patients to community resources to improve their health and well being. Social prescribing is a collaborative, holistic approach that recognizes that not all health supports need to be medical.

As well, the PRCHA runs innovative pilot programs, carries out research, and advocates for healthy aging.

The network is a joint effort (see Partner page) between regional health authorities, universities, and community organizations in B.C. It is funded by the Canadian Frailty Network.


The PRCHA creates an ecosystem that promotes healthy aging and quality of life for older adults in B.C., empowering them to AVOID frailty.


The PRCHA promotes evidence-based, AVOID-strategy-informed pathways for older adults, care partners and peers, health care professionals, and researchers to prevent, manage, and avoid frailty.